adultIndividual adult sessions are a collaborative process fostering a therapeutic relationship to meet you exactly where you are.  We will work on your identified goals with the purpose of exploring the challenging areas that you are experiencing in your life to develop a sense of meaning, purpose and vitality.  As a therapist, I serve as a coach, teacher and facilitator and I work with you to create an atmosphere of safety where all fears, emotions and desires are available to surface. My commitment to you is to stay present, to step forward and to serve you in whatever way I can.  Individual therapy provides an opportunity for exploring anxiety, depression, trauma, and personal obstacles.

Children, Teens & Adolescents

teensIn working with children, teens, and adolescents my values remain steadfast, meeting students at various transitional points in their lives.  Whether an issue stems from school, social behaviours or health, it affects each part of a person’s life and these moments can be quite challenging.  No one needs to walk this path alone.  I work one on one with each client and collaboratively with families and schools to reduce stressors developing skills and tools that support your child’s future success.

Family Counselling

familyFamily counselling is intended to strengthen the interpersonal relationship between the members of the family, improving communication and building a rapport.   My focal point is the family in its entirety; mutually listening to each member respectfully and facilitating to help the family identify their needs, resolve conflict and improve communication. I do this in a compassionate and healthy manner, creating changes and collectively making decisions that serve each member and the family as a whole.

Couple Counselling

coupleCouple counselling is designed to deepen the connection, communication and understanding between the two people, whether married or unmarried. In couple counselling the client is the relationship itself and as such I strive to help individuals define, understand and deepen their relationships. My approach encourages deep and meaningful sharing and truthfulness.  In therapy I promote negotiation skills, cooperation and learning to disagree in a healthy way. I help individuals clarify their relationship needs, to identify their dreams and desires to connect with each other in a comfortable and calm setting.

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